Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

day 4

my 5th day of taking my pills. i feel okey with my brain. but at least 1 hours a day, i feel like this was not me and am crazy. i have no idea about what to do. i planned to check to another doctor just to have another opinion, perhaps the cure also.
i dont want to blame anyone for my illness, but sometime i doubt about GOD. i feel like "His" unfair to me, by giving me this illness and sometime i feel that he ignoring me. i dont want to think that way, but, i cant stop my self from it.
i know GOD testing me and try to warn me by this illness, but sometime its to hard for me. i hope GOD help me tu thru this, helping me by giving me strength and faith, untill "He" open the gate of cure for me.

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