Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Day 2

After a week not taking my medicine, i feel so up and down. the first 2 days i feel okey, like am taking my medicine. the third days i feel gloomy but i can handled. the fourth days, still feel gloomy in the morning but continue for all day long. in the afternoon i feel empty in my head, but just mild feeling, its seduced me to taking medicine, but i hold it. then am waiting for half an hour, till my head feel full and then suddenly "click" feeling come to my head and i feel like normal person.
but, may be because i read to much about depression, first and even until now, there is a doubt about mania time. may be its not normal, may be its mania. but after i read more about manic depressive, am not part of it. because i dont feel any energy escalate, or even mood roller coaster.
i try to hold the temptation for taking medicine again to day, even i feel worse than yesterday. i feel empty again in my head, but i try to distract my focus to reading. and i made it, finished one book in 3 hour. not bad. and i planned to hold this situation till i met my shrink tomorrow. hope i will came up with better situation even he will declare that am free from my depression ,.....AMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNN,....

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