Senin, 06 Juni 2011

day 1

for the last 4 days i feel okey. coz am still taking the medicine. so, everything is under control. i decided to take this pil for a week, before i let it go, for sure. its part of trial, which i hope gonna be my last trial, so i can free from this medicine.
my feeling before i taking this medicine,was, i felt uncomfortable at home, feeling treath and sad. Its was unbarely sad, so i decided to take the pil again.
but, after i had clear mind i made several evaluation :
1. i have no reason to feel depress, but i still depress, means its in my brain, and i should wash a way.
2. the feeling always come when am at home. so i have to erase my trauma about all the rules that my dads made for me, coz the rule is no longer exist.
3. i feel like am going crazy, but its just another crazy idea that i have in mind because am soo thinking about it. in fact my day run normal like other people. if am busy, i never think about that at all. so, i have to keep my mind busy with other things.
4. i did exercise for the last 2 days. to day i skip it, but i will do it again tomorrow. not yet feel the impact of exercise, but i hope its will come soon.
5. i have to build my confidence again, that i just have light depression, its can be cured and not gonna leave any bad impression, just like other people who had it before me.
6. i have to say " that am just fine" every day,..and i skip it "sholat and Tahadjud"
from all that evaluation, i hod i can improve next day,..and can free from depression as soon as possible. Give me miracle GOD.

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