Senin, 17 November 2008


read my lips,..
i even undare to speak,..
but cloud over my head,..
cacth my eyes,..
i even scare to starring at you,..
but desired you so bad, inside
as far as i can go,..
my road cover by ur shadow,..
i desired you badly,...
till thunder can smell my passion,..
take my hand,..
or even drag it,..
i will not try to let go,..
i just gonna follow,..
become part of your shadow,..

Kamis, 13 November 2008

half bread,..and choco milk,..

wake up with spooky eyes,..
half dreaming,..sleep walking,..
im going to the kitchen,..
staring at the table,..
before realizing the stow,..
breakfast cooking,..imagining,..
fresh baked toast n a cup of black coffe,..
once again,..
am staring at the stow,..
a half bread,.. and choco milk,..
i've got for breakfast things,..

Selasa, 11 November 2008

An Ignorant Soul,..

To some people that hate me,..
should i care bout their faith?
To some people that put tears in my eyes,..
they never be part of my days!
To some people that put anger in my heart,..
for me, their not even exist,..
To the people that judge me bad
i really dont bother
my road is too long,..
i cant waste my energy,..
just to let u know,..
sometime,..i get weak and tired,..