Jumat, 30 Desember 2011


Things that so memorable about 2011
  1. Added a lot of people to my friends list :)
  2. Had the best birthday party ever, thanks to my friends :)
  3. Added my self as a member of 2 different big family :)
  4. First trip alone to abroad, even not so far :)
  5. Had 7 man thats says, they love me (its a history for me!!) even though i only loved 1 of them up until now :)
  6. Being in the very bottom of my life for the first time, till i need to escape from life for a few days, for the 1st time :(
  7. Had my very emotionally intense kiss for the 1st time :) (normally i kissed as a hallo )
  8. Had my very comfortable hug, in my very weak point ever, even only for 10 minute :)
  9. Failed to maintain 6 friendship :(
  10. Failed in my job for the first time :(
  11. Had chance to get to know West Sumatera even better than before :)
  12. Make a brave decision for chasing my dream, which gonna put my life in uncertainty for couple years :)
  13. Has a scandalous life for the 1st time :(
  14. Reached pretty high salary, since i started working :)
  15. Learning and fall for NGO world :)
  16. Had chance to explore many different area with very cool vehicle :)
  17. Has a very dynamic life, that made me work without any sleep at all :)
  18. And, the best part, i finally figured out, many people love me, am blessed to have them in my life :)
Reading this list, i decided to entitled this years as the "Most Memorable Year" in my life :) Which mean, this year not plain at all,..like i used to have,...its colorful, tasty, roller coaster feeling ,..... its rich of flavor !!!

2 komentar:

ade faulina mengatakan...

great job sis ^_^

Susan mengatakan...

I think I found myself on this list a few times. ;)