Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

bizarre love triangle

I used to ignore that song before, till to day. Its occur to me, that title pretty close to life, and just find out, that 3 words are powerful. Evan deadly.  

But what am curious more is about  why that happen. Why cant just 2 side of love? if its 3, i think, its goes to one people being selfish. Then, there no guarantee for sure that the situation will be fine for every side. One side goes so blissful being loved by two side. The other side hoping something in  return, the other burning by jealousy. every bodies loose. Even if they try covered by smile, they're all know, somebody must hurt-ed and get hurt. 

Honesty, is hard to find in this kind of situation. Every body whose in this game, got something to hide and must hide it. Surrounded by danger, if i may called it so. 

I just realized this game exist, a night before. And directly decided, i wont play this kind of game my self.

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