Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2007

My old man in his garden

I saw him walking acros our back yard,.
he carry some tools in his hand,..
He look up to sky,..
just like he smile to the sun,..
i wacth him from kicthen window.
i see his back,..
Getting older,..leaved a trace of his past
he started to digging,..
put some water in one blomming roses,..
touch the leaf, smothly
and then, he smile,..
he touch every plant in that back yard,..
make sure, everythings fine,..
he finished with one look in too his garden,..
then, crossed that yard,..
walking to my way,..
open that door, smile at me,..
and say,..
"my flower blomming very nice,
but u blomming very fast
till i never be ready to let go..."
then he touch my head,..dissapeared inside the house,..

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