Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Boring, unfinished theme of my life. I had "not bad" job, "not bad" friends ( some are bad, in a real meaning of bad ), had "not bad" crush and so many "not bad" other things.
But yet, far from satisfied, i counted the pain. Thinking about so many useless things, that actually happen ( some are very bad,..but i should overcome and forget them ), and stuck in some point, in the corner of boredom. When that feeling came, all the confusion, all the passionless spirit, all the anger that appears faster than it should,...i cant handled. I loose my self to tears, that should not come, i guest.
I know the boredom will drawn me, deeper and deeper to another pain. But, what if, theres no right person around that i can tell my pain, who can understand me, and not tutoring me about life,..caused that thing also boring. How can i erased this feeling ?
Stuck feeling, came along with the boredom. Feels like u cant move ur feet anywhere but back same spot. Seeing wrong person, can exploded the anger that should not came. And again,...how can i get out from here ?
I really want to scream and run out from all this feeling,...but, yet the feeling grow so fast in me,..out of my control,...

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