Minggu, 26 September 2010

being mean or being firm,..

I just did big event to day. i kick out my younger cousan out of my house. im not really mean it. its just bluffing. i just want to give him a lesson. we already try so many ways to make him realize that, his young man now, need to be responsible. but, his such a arrogant and ignorant, he listen nothing but his own words. he even threat my father, like my father nolonger exist in that house.
i decided to give him hard lesson. but, somehow, i think i made a mistake.
am i being so hard ? his a kid without a mother, our family taking good care of him, since he was 5. my father run out an idea to warn him, my mom even worse. she had no bad word for him, even when he act like jack ass. what should i do ?am i firm? or am i mean ? confuse!!

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