Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

i just miss him so much,..

For the last couple of days,..i miss him so intens,..But it just like the feeling Rielke has for Lou Salome,..forbidden to be true,..but it is so true. When u miss somebody, u doing crazy things, and always found silly reason to make it sane. I did that!! i try to call him twice,..by searching the number tru internet ( thanks GOD i had clue bout this technology ),..but i couldnt talk to him,..His away from me since long,...there is no chance for me to get close to him,..but i keep missing him,..coolect the pieces of memories, getting hurt everytime i remembered it,..what so ever,..I only knew,..for now,..I miss him badly,..

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moridde wahrima mengatakan...

oi kak lagi jatuh cinta lu yo?