Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

my birth day

almost lonely,..

i remember bout the candle;s


crossing the night

and sailing in silent pray

pray bout my yesterday,

questioning bout my upcoming day,

sending some little dream,..

almost lonely,..

i count every single hour,..

hope its turn slowly,..

and when its goes zero,

am stepped to my new year

24 year at my back,..

1000 year waiting in front of me...

1 komentar:

Pratiwi mengatakan...

Aduh bow..
kenapa selalu membuat pusi tentang kesedihan sih??!!
yang ini lagi..kesian banget siy lu mon..hahaha

ya semoga aja someday, the princes with a white horse come to ur life ya..haha menjemputmu dari kesenderian.